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La chenaie 1 Wine distillate
La chenaie 2 Grain distillate /distillate for whisky/
La chenaie 3 Brandy "LA CHÊNAIE" ХО (extra old) – 17 years old
Manufactured using an old French technology, made of 21 specially selected wine distillates at an average age of more than 17 years, matured in oak barrels. The maturity in barrels made of carefully selected oak species gives the brandy a complex and deep aroma with hints of oak, flowers and fruit, as well as the characteristic colour of old gold. The fragrances and tannins acquired through the years render a perfect and unique taste – The first oaky character impression develops into hints of vanilla and fruits.
La chenaie 4 Brandy "LA CHÊNAIE" VО (very old) – 12 years old
Made of wine distillates at an average age of 12 years, acquired from specially selected supreme grape varieties. The years of wine distillates maturing in the oak barrels impart to the brandy a distinctive amber colour with a touch of old gold, balanced taste and a supreme bouquet. The rich and complex taste bears the hints of fruit, flowers and oak, mingled with the pleasing mildness of vanilla.
La chenaie 5 Brandy "LA CHÊNAIE" VS (very special) – 7 years old
Made of wine distillates at an average age of 7 years, acquired from specially selected grape varieties. The maturing in barrels has imparted to the brandy a unique mild taste and an aroma of fruit and vanilla.
La chenaie 6 Šar liqueur
Based on aged wine distillate and high quality grain ethyl alcohol, a blend of 8 types of infusions; Rich and warm taste and aroma of dried fruits and nuts combined with the pleasant softness of vanilla.

• 500 ml. glass bottle
• 35 % vol.